Get useful feedback on your book from the people that matter most: your future readers.

If you have ever shared an early manuscript for review, you know the pain. Instead of receiving the big-picture, actionable feedback you so desperately require, you end up hearing about typos and trivialities.

So we built Help This Book. It nudges readers with a set of high-value reactions to reveal where they are becoming confused, bored, or loving it. It's a simple change that hugely increases both the quantity and quality of feedback.

Help this book is in private beta

Help This Book is currently only availble to members of the Useful Authors community. If you'd like to start using Help This Book, please come and join us!

If you just want to see what Help This Book can do, check out Rob's walkthrough of his Help This Book dashboard. Information about Help This Book's roadmap and upcoming releases are available in our author handbook.