Writing a book?Get better readerfeedback that goesbeyond the typos.

Better feedback with reactions:

If you've ever shared an early manuscript for review, you know the pain: Instead of receiving the big-picture, actionable, negative feedback you so desperately require, you end up hearing about typos and trivialities.

Instead, Help This Book nudges your readers with a set of high-value reactions to reveal where they are becoming confused, bored, or loving it. It's a simple change that hugely increases both the quantity and quality of feedback.

Continue writing where you're happiest:

We aren't trying to change where you write; only to improve how you get feedback. Continue writing where you're most comfortable and then, whenever you're ready to start hearing from your early readers, simply import the manuscript onto Help This Book, share the link, and enjoy your insights. Posting a fresh version of your manuscript is an instant import from Google Docs and a matter of minutes from anywhere else.

A book’s worth of insights in a single view:

Reviewing hundreds of comments on GDocs or Word can feel like a scrolling scavenger hunt for fresh feedback. (And sending attachments via email is an unspeakable mess of version conflicts and confusion.)

Instead, check your author dashboard for an at-a-glance view of what’s new and where you might want to focus next. In addition to reviewing individual comments, you also data about where readers stopped reading and which chapters are currently most confusing, valuable, or enjoyable. It's a game changer.

Built for those who aspire toward useful nonfiction:

Writing a book is always going to be a big project. And the task is taken to a whole other level if you're attempting to create something truly useful, impactful, and potentially even life-changing for its readers. If so, you know that you'll only get there by embracing the feedback, criticisms, and assistance of your future readers.

But when it comes to deep feedback on lengthy documents, current tools fall short. We know; we used them for our previous books. And having seen the value that Help This Book is already bringing to our current one, we hope that you'll give it a try.

Of course, this tool is not a magic bullet. You'll still need to find your eager, early readers and to spend the time to write, edit, and revise something wonderful. But if you're committed to taking that journey, then we believe that this tool can help.

How you use it:

Write your manuscript as you normally would, with the tools you are used to using. Whenever you're ready for feedback, post your manuscript to Help This Book and share the link with your Beta Readers.

You’ll see your reader’s reactions & comments in a number of helpful views: chronologically, within the original context of the manuscript, and also in an overview that lets you see which parts of the full book are working well or need some work.

Take those insights back to your writing space and knock out the new version. Once you’re ready for a new round of feedback, post it as a fresh version on Help This Book and let folks know that you’re ready for their help. That’s it. It’s a quick, easy process.

PS. To learn more about making the most of Beta Readers, manuscript analytics, and more, you may want to grab early access to our upcoming title, Write Useful Books.